Thursday, November 17, 2011

Funnies and Cuties!

I keep telling myself that I need to be better about writing down the fun things my boys say. But here are a few:

Ty talks pretty well, but I still love these:
"Somesing" or "everysing" or "anysing"
When I'm looking for something, Ty will say, "Maybe it's lost or somesing?"
"Chee-rows" (Cheerios)

The other day he said, "I want seer-al and waffles! I'm a bunch of hungry!"

Last week:
Karter: "Mom, can you get my celery now?"
Me: "Oh, I thought Dad was getting it. Did he forget?"
Ty: "That's demented."

Last night at bedtime:
Me: "Karter I hope you know how much Dad and I love you."
Karter: "I love you way more!"
Me: "No way! We love you so much more!"
Karter: "You love me 100%. But I love you extra!"
Me: "No, no Karter."
Karter: Stops smiling and looks at me, "This is the one thing we an argue about, right?"

Everytime I talk to Karter's teacher, I hear about something new he said that was funny or creative. Today she told me they were talking about executives. She asked the class who the executive of the school is, and they said the principle. She asked the class who the executive of the district is, and they talked about that. Then Karter asked, "So, who is the executive over the State Board of Education?" Wow.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kollan's Birthday!

Kollan just celebrated his 32nd birthday this past week!
Sometimes I feel bad that I don't make a big deal of his birthdays like I do for the boys, but he's definitely not one that likes to be the center of attention (for instance, he never wants a party).
But I thought I could at least try to make a special day for him, and embarrass him a little on the blog by writing about how amazing he is.

And he really is amazing. Kollan is a good, caring person. He is a fun, teasing Dad, and a loving, hardworking husband. He is a talented athlete who amazes me with his golf, basketball, softball and even ping pong skills. He is secretly very funny and goofy, but he only lets his close family members see this side of him, so you may not believe it. He is very smart and has an amazing memory. He cares about people and is always happy to serve and help others however he can. He's a great Optometrist and I'm very proud of all he does. He is amazingly good to me and I'm very grateful to have him in my life forever. The boys and I love you Kollan!

I loved the book that Karter wrote, titled, "Dad's the best."
And the little blue card in front was made by Ty, who amazes me with his writing at such a young age.
The boys and I tried our hands at cake pops. Well, we didn't have sticks, so they're cake balls. They may not be pretty but they were made with love.
Here he is after work, as we were getting ready to go out to dinner! Yum!
Happy Birthday Kollan!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Robin and Vader

Halloween was a lot of fun. A couple months earlier, Ty told me he REALLY wanted to be Robin this year. So, I found a great deal for his costume and thought, "Perfect! We already have a Batman costume. They can be Batman and Robin!"

But then, in talking to Karter he told me he REALLY wanted to be Darth Vader. So I found a good deal on a Darth Vader costume and thought, "Perfect! If I can convince Ty not to be Robin, we already have a Jedi costume he can wear. They can be Vader and a Jedi!"

In the end, I let them each be what they REALLY wanted to be, and bought both costumes, knowing that they would play in them repeatedly at home. And they do dress up in them all the time.

Trick or treat on Main street. Fun, but crowded.
We also went around our neighborhood later on.

Ty was funny at the beginning of October when we got out our decorations. We started putting them around the house and talked about how Halloween was coming up. After a few minutes, he stopped, looked at me with such an excited face, and exclaimed, "At Halloween time, people give me CANDY!!!!!" Haha! It took a minute, but he remembered!
WAY too much candy, but super fun Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preschool, Pillows, Portland, Pumpkins and PTO

We've been having lots of fun lately. Here are the boys dressed up with some of their friends.
Ty is doing a little preschool group like last year, where we switch off with who teaches. Here are his first day pictures.

pillows: This really isn't about pillows (but I did use that word in my title since the others started with a "p". Silly me). Anyway, Karter FINALLY lost his first tooth and was SO excited about it. Of course he put it under his pillow.

We got to go to Portland for a long weekend (Kollan had a Conference). It was so fun (even though I got SO lost a couple of time driving around!) The boys and I got to do a lot of fun things.
First, we saw old friends! ( I wish I would've arranged beforehand to see more friends from our former life living near Portland) But we did get to see Leslie and her kiddos, which was SO great! Afterwards I took the boys to a super fun pizza place with the biggest slides!
We spent the next day riding the max to the Portland children's museum. There was a big Lego Castle exhibit, so the boys were super into that.
It's so amazing to see what can be made out of tiny little legos. They were made by "lego Master Builders." Wouldn't that be an awesome job?!

We spent so many hours in this room making castles! It was fun for all 3 of us.
Karter's first castle.
Karter the knight

The water works room

Ty's hat kept falling off and we'd laugh each time, so I was glad I got a quick shot of him laughing.

Ty LOVES putting shapes together.
Paint your own face.

One of Ty's favorites!

And back to the lego room again!
I just love this picture!! Ty loved the smiley face legos, so we made a pyramid.
Haha, Karter wanted a serious picture with his big castle.
I love this one!
October came so quickly- Pumpkin Time!!
Karter attempted his first year of carving, and he loved that we baked the seeds.
Ty painted 3 different faces on his pumpkin.
The finished products!

Our PTO made a fun fall carnival for the students and families, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I made some golf putting holes and also this "feed the Monsters" game.
The boys got their picture taken with Frankenstein.
(Ty said this was his favorite game. ??)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

August in a glance

In August, we took a quick weekend trip up to Washington.
First, we visited my Uncle Doug, Aunt Marsha, and cousin Heidi.
They took us to a Renaissance Fair and it was a pretty big thing.
The boys enjoyed getting knighted by a "queen."

The equestrian acrobats were pretty amazing.
Afterwards, we had a fun picnic!
And a beautiful walk.

The boys were SUPER excited to travel by ferry.

We got delayed while we waited for an ambulance to board.

We were so glad we got to see my Dad for his birthday.
First he let the boys play with his web camera program, as you can see they laughed and laughed.
I love this picture of my Dad and the boys!

And lastly, at the end of August, school started again.
Here is my big 2nd grader!
I love the excitement on the first day of school.
Karter has a nice brand new school to go to!
He even gets to sit by one of his favorite friends!
Here is our first-day-of-school-blizzard tradition picture.