Thursday, April 30, 2009

Strange way to wake up

So, I'm just not good at getting up. When I hear my kids in the morning, I still have to lay there a few minutes until I feel fully functional. This morning, I was somewhat aware of Karter coming into my room wearing a bucket on his head. He went all around the room randomly hitting different objects, and asked me if they sounded the same, or not. My responses were something like, "Umm, maybe." "Probably not." "Uh..." "Sure." and "I just really don't know." Eventually, he excitedly told me, "Great job! You get this official hat! And here's a prize you can give to your husband." So, when I fully realized that I was laying there with a yellow bucket on my head and was holding a shoebox lid with a golf ball on it, then it hit me.... I had woken up just in time to be on a morning gameshow.

p.s. Be glad there are no pictures!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Funny Karter

I really love Karter's thoughtful prayers and I thought I'd share a few things he's said lately:
"Please help us to be good, and very good, and to do the right things, like you."
"Please bless the food tomorrow, and thank you for the food tomorrow." (He says this almost every night. I guess we know that we're never eating unblessed food.)
"Please help us to be good and not crazy."
"Please help everyone in the whole world to not have any nightmares at nap or bedtime."
"Please help everyone in the whole world to be good."

(After we had read one of his Book of Mormon Stories one night, I had explained how the men in the scriptures had lived on Earth a long time ago and now they live in heaven). That night in his prayers he said, "Please help King Noah to be good now that he's in heaven.

Karter and Ty share a room and I love to listen to them after I put them to bed. Most of the time I hear laughing and playing, but one night since it was late I asked them to go right to sleep and then I listened outside their door. I heard:
Karter: "Ty, let's be on our best behavior."
Ty: (crazy noises)
Karter: "That's not our best behavior."
Ty: (more noises)
Karter: "Oh, Ty."

I had to laugh, especially since I hadn't used the term "best behavior"- that was all Karter.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Handsome Boys and a Happy Easter!

What a wonderful Easter! I love that Karter is understanding a bit of what Easter is really about. We had a lesson with him on Jesus and the Resurrection and he was very receptive and remembers a lot. I love it!
We also had a lot of fun. The day before we went to an egg drop (where a helicopter drops plastic eggs onto a field then the kids run in to gather them up).
Karter and Ty have had a blast with all the egg hunts they've been too. Ty really has it down now. He can find eggs and take them to his basket, and he definitely understands that they have candy inside of them. I love the picture where he laid down on the floor to look underneath a table. And of course, I think my boys look so handsome in their little suits! What a wonderful day- I just love our time as a family and building these great memories!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


If you know what "Swinter" is, then you probably watch too much Phineas and Ferb, but I thought it was a pretty fitting title for last weekend here in Cheyenne.
But the weather didn't spoil our fun. We had a super fun Easter party at Kollan's work, and not many children attended because of the terrible snowstorm. We seemed to barely make it there and we only had to get down the street.
Anyway, the party was great- coloring, decorating cookies and picture frames, and of course an EGG HUNT and THE EASTER BUNNY!
Ty loved the egg hunt, but wasn't so sure about the bunny. The first picture says it all, but I also took pictures of Karter and Ty's reaction to when the Easter Bunny came into the room (pics 4 and 5).
Other highlights of the party included: Ty finding a giant beach ball (he LOVES all balls) and Karter winning a giant Easter basket that had cars and a parking garage inside.