Saturday, June 26, 2010

Goodbye Cheyenne

I wanted to say Goodbye to Cheyenne, WY. There are many things we will miss.
First, here is what we will not miss..... The weather! Especially the wind!

This picture of Ty says it all. Most of the winter is too awful and cold and windy to even enjoy playing in the snow!

Now for what we will miss:
The memories-

When we moved to Cheyenne, I was pregnant with Ty, Karter was about to turn 3, and it was the beginning of Kollan and my experience with the Air Force. We will miss our historic base home.

Ty was born and blessed in Cheyenne.

Karter made is entertaining debut in front of many many people at Frontiercade.
He told jokes and got many laughs.

Karter's first day of preschool.

Ty turns 1!!!

Karter turns 5!!!

1st Day of Kindergarten

We really liked Freedom Elementary


We will miss the Sports!
BYU Basketball 2009

BYU Football 2009

BYU Basketball 2010

Braves- Rockies 2009

Our fun mall

Frontier Days

Our Bowling Alley on Base

Cheyenne Library (also known as "The Big Library")

Our playground
And last but not least will miss all the good people we got to know.
We hope all our friends will keep in touch. Here's a few pics that I could find of some of the great friends our boys had.

Goodbye Cheyenne!!!