Thursday, December 05, 2013

Thanksgiving in Idaho

 I just love Thanksgiving! 
When you can combine eating-till-you-drop and spending time with family,  
what could be better?

We went to Papa and Namnam's in Idaho.

 The men went duck hunting, and Kollan got quite a few ducks.  
Ty's pose with the duck cracks me up. 
 He's like, "Yeah, it's cool...  Just chillin out and holding a dead duck." 

 One major point of the trip was meeting our new niece.  She is SO adorable!
 We felt so grateful to be there at Grandma Maxwell's with so many people we love.  
It was a great day, and we were only sad that everyone we love couldn't be there too.
 LOVE Jacy's open mouth smile!
 Nam nam and 2/3 grandaughters. 

 Ty and his shadow.
So cute together!
 My boys always look forward to wrestling with Uncle Brian.
 Look at those faces!
 Oops.  Poor Uncle Brian.

 Such sweet boys!
I know I definitely have a LOT to be thankful for!