Monday, April 14, 2008

Where is SPRING?

So, we had the awesomest little family trip planned, and we were all looking forward to it. On Thursday we were going to drive down to Denver and watch the Braves play the Rockies (Kollan is a big Braves fan and we even all had our Braves gear to wear). We were going to stay in a hotel that night and then go to the zoo the next day. Then, the storms came. The game was cancelled and we were heartbroken. We stayed in Cheyenne Thursday and then thought we'd make the best of it by going to Ft Collins on Friday (about 40 minutes away). We decided to wear the Braves stuff anyway (hence picture #1). We just hung out and went to dinner, then we thought we'd surprise Karter by going to Chuck-E-Cheese. (The poor little guy wanted to go to the game and the zoo so much). Picture #2 is of his face when we drove up to CEC. The whole night he kept saying, "I didn't leeve you prised me!" (I didn't believe you surprised me). Picture #3 doesn't have anything to do with this story, I just think Ty is super cute. Anyway, although the weekend was still fun, I'm so tired of the cold, the snow, and especially the awful Cheyenne wind!! Oops- that sounds a lot like complaining. I'll just say, I'll be very grateful when the warm weather is here to stay.