Sunday, July 22, 2012

4th, Idaho, Karter turns 8, Utah

 It's been a busy, but super fun summer!  The boys have enjoyed swim lessons and playing with friends.
We had a great Independence day and I hope my kids always realize how blessed we are to be Americans!

 We had such a fun trip to Idaho.  The boys played on Nam nam and Papa's new slip and slide for hours!

 Next, we headed to the cabin at Island Park.  Like always, the golf cart is a favorite.  Little cousin Bridger, Aunt Kelsie, and Uncle Brian are favorites too!
 Karter loves going out on the boat fishing with Dad, Papa, Grandpa Arritt and Uncle Brian.
 We have a "secret spot" where they love to throw rocks into the water.
 We've done lots of swimming this summer!
 Love this picture!  
In the background on the right, you can see a birdhouse and we had the amazing opportunity of witnessing a mother squirrel transfer her 5 baby squirrels one-by-one from the nest in the birdhouse up to a new nest in a nearby tree!  Incredible!

 It's hard to believe, but Karter turned 8!!  He is such an amazing boy and we love him to pieces!
Nam nam and Papa had a fun party for Karter! 

 We got to celebrate with family in Idaho and in Utah both.
I love this picture with Grandma Bell!
 The Wellings gave Karter a great party too! He was spoiled for sure.
 They love to play with Abbie!
 We celebrated yet again at Kangaroo Zoo with cousins! 
 Love these kiddos!
 I was so excited to meet my new nephew and he is a cutie for sure!
 I guess it's tradition to go to Lagoon every summer!  
We stayed for almost 12 hours and loved every second.

 At the end of our trip, we got to reunite with some Greenwood cousins I hadn't seen for a very long time.
It was fun to see them and also their kids.  The boys had a blast.
 Don't know when this started, but it's tradition.