Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Utah Trip- The end of summer

Karter, Ty and I made the long trip down to Utah, stopping briefly in Idaho to see Papa and Nam Nam. The main point of going was because my brother Aaron and his family had just moved back to Utah from Texas and it had been 2 years since we'd seen them.
While there, we went to a surprise dinner for Aaron that his wife,
Katie had planned to celebrate his recent graduation from Chiropractic school.
It was at Los Hermanos and Aaron was very surprised!

This is Katie, who I just think is so great! The boys and I spent as mush time as possible with Aaron, Katie, Emma and Chloe and we had such a blast! The kids are close in age and get along so well. And I loved hanging out with Aaron and Katie!
Karter loves playing with all his cousins. Emma and Karter are only 1 month apart in age.

I was so glad to get to see Sheena and Cheree too! This crazy girl on the left is Sheena.

Cheree and family. Her twin boys are so chunky and cute!

Smores at Aaron and Katie's apartment. So fun!

Emma (she's the sweetest girl!)

Chloe (this girl is TROUBLE- but very cute!)

My cute Ty-Ty, who ate both a regular sized smore,
and a giant smore.

Karter and his giant smore
(which Ty actually finished for him- what a thoughtful brother!)

We spent one day at Lagoon and we had so much fun that I couldn't believe how quickly the time went by. We were there from 11 to 7:30.
This picture makes me laugh.
Ty looks like his concentrating so hard on the next turn and Chloe looks like she's completely bored.

The 4 were overjoyed to find a ride where they could all be in the same spaceship together.
I love the look between Karter and Emma.

Karter's favorite ride.

Love this!

The kids got a bit crazy

When it got too hot, they had a blast in the fountains.
I couldn't believe how soaked Karter got.
They are so cute together!!

Ty didn't like the fountains to run through but found a nearby fountain where he could put his hand on a cool rock. He sat there for at least 10 minutes and I couldn't unglue him from the cold water.

Uncle Aaron's kindof a funny character.

I love my cute boys!

I love this face!
What a very fun time!!
I'm lucky to have such fun family! I got to see all my siblings, my mom, lots of extended family and some of Kollan's family too. But I'm also glad to be back home with my cute husband!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer goes way too fast!!

Before Kollan started his new job, we spent some time with our family in Idaho and Utah. When you think of Idaho activities, you probably think of tractors. And yes, Karter and Ty were lucky enough to get to ride in a really nice John Deere.

They also rode in this front loader. The guy that took them, said that we'd have to watch out for the little one (Ty) because he wanted to push all of the buttons.

Afterwards, he gave Karter a John Deere information/advertisement booklet on new tractors. Karter treasures it and wants me to read it to him like it's a storybook.
I don't even know what half of it's talking about.
But there is more to do in Idaho then ride in a tractor.
Who would've guessed you could find an alligator farm?

The best thing is definitely being with family.
We enjoyed our time fishing on the boat.

The fish that Ty helped Brian to catch.
"Captain Ty"

"Captain Karter"

The men and some of the catch.

The playground at the cabin

Feeding the fish at Big Springs
(which is more like feeding the seagulls)

Aunt Kelsie!

While in Utah we got to celebrate my mom's birthday,
and spend time with the Wellings, which we always love.

After coming home, we had a few visitors! Grandma Bell!
Papa and Nam nam came and we went to a Tri-cities baseball game (with a vampire).
We also were glad we got to see Kirk and Falycia before they leave for New York!

What a fun summer it's been- I don't want it to end!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Our original plan for the summer had included Disneyland, but we decided that Lagoon was a great plan B. It was so much fun. Karter loved every second of every ride. Ty was in a bit of a daze for the first little while.

We were so glad we could bring my niece Myree.
Karter and Ty had so much fun with her along!
Look at Ty's face. We had a hard time telling if he was enjoying anything.

I asked Karter for a caption for this picture.
He said, "We were at Lagoon. And we had so much fun that we sweat!"

We were also so glad that Gma Bell could come!
She makes everything more fun!
Karter loved this ladybug ride that shoots you straight up and down.

The mini bumper cars were great- even Ty could drive his own!

There's nothing like Rattlesnake Rapids when it's so hot!
Karter's face is so cute in this. He loved it.

For our last ride, Kollan rode with Ty on the Tilt-A-Whirl. I tried so hard to get a good picture, because Ty was adorable. He broke out of his daze and was laughing like crazy!

We had so much fun and can't wait to make another trip to Lagoon!