Monday, September 26, 2011


Okay, we just love my brother Aaron, his wife Katie, and their 2 girls!!
And we loved that they drove the long drive to come see us!!
It was so fun. Our kids are so close in age and play so well together.

Just Dance Kids! Love this!
Being goofy in the car with Emma!
So cute- Aaron and Ty
The kids had fun at the sprayground
and afterwards we were on the news- I was interviewed about a free lunch program.
The kids loved to get me wet.
We all went to the pool on free swim day. It was crowded, but fun.


Aaron and Kollan had a few pretty intense games of Ping Pong.
They are both masters of the sport!

He's a little bit of a crazy man.
We had so much fun, and we sure love visitors (hint, hint)!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

July Trip

The Boy's and I were gone for the whole month of July, and it was great!
Kollan at least got 1 week and we spent that in Idaho.
First, we were in Idaho Falls and got to be there for Bridger's Baby Blessing, which was a wonderful thing.
We also got to celebrate the 4th with lots of family which was so fun!
The boys got to go with Uncle Brian, Dad, and Papa to a cave which they thought was so cool. Uncle Brian let them wear 'headlights'.
We had a big family picnic with lots of the Arritt side,
and then went to a Chuckers game.

After that, Idaho Falls put on a HUGE firework show.
We decided to drive to the cabin that night, which was a mistake. We were stuck in traffic forever and didn't get there until 2:30 am. Oh well, it was still fun. Kelsie and Bridger rode with Kollan and I, and we had a little adventure trying to find an alternate route. We also got a little silly when it got late- I guess I'm not used to staying up late anymore.

The cabin was very fun. Here's Big Springs.

The boys love fishing on the boat.
We were sad when Kollan had to go back home to work.
The boys and I went down to Utah, where my mom was surprised to see us.
(it wasn't supposed to be a surprise, she had just mixed up the date haha)
The boys got to spend lots of time with cousins.
We did Lagoon, Karter's Birthday celebration,
the Bean Museum, game night, etc.

We also got to play with friends. I wish I had been better with my camera and gotten a picture with all my old roomies. Here I am with Rachel. I'm glad I have such good friends I can see when I'm back in Utah!
This is the new Bouncy House area at Classic Skating- pretty fun!
I got to try to play with these cute little guys
(who I won't attempt to get apart because I still can't figure it out.)
My nephews- Aidon and Ashton
If you do happen to go to Classic Skating, and you see this woman, don't listen to any advice she may give you... because you may end up injured! :)
These 3 have so much fun!
Ty loved this place!
Aunt Suzanne took the boys and I along with Kaden and Abbie to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point which was a great time.
They loved the horse/pony rides

And they really liked to feed the corn to the animals
I also got to celebrate my 10 yr reunion and see some old friends.
I don't see Sarah very often anymore so it was fun to do some picnicking, swimming, and have a girls night out.

Excited faces for fireworks for the 24th
My beautiful mom! I loved spending a few weeks with her!