Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The best part of Christmas

I love Christmas time. Even though I get so sick of the shopping and spending, the Christmas season has a wonderful spirit and holds so many great family memories.

This is Karter's Winter Concert, which was terrific. Karter is in the front on the end.
Without a doubt, one of the best parts of Christmas was being with family.
We traveled to Papa and Nam nam's house.
Karter drew out 'blueprints' for constructing a Santa cake, and even though I told him we weren't making a cake- because we had cookies and candy galore, Nam nam helped him live out his dream of a Santa cake. They did a terrific job.
(And I'm not sure, but I think that on Christmas Eve night, Santa must have enjoyed eating the cake version of himself instead of the usual cookies.)
You've got to love the cherry nose.
Christmas morning. It's full of excitement and I love watching my kiddos!
It's one of the best parts of Christmas.

They definitely got spoiled.

As great as gifts are, the real reason for the season is celebrating the birth of our Savior.
One of the best parts of Christmas is reading the Christmas story from the scriptures, and singing Christmas songs. This year we even had two cute shepherds to help us get into the spirit.

We originally weren't going to go to Idaho for Christmas, but felt that the pull of family was well worth the trip. We got to see Papa, Nam nam, Kirk and Falycia, Brian and Kelsie. We also got to see Gma Bell (who I feel badly I didn't get a picture of). We saw Aunts, Uncles and cousins too.
But the best part of Christmas this year, was being with Grandpa and Grandma Maxwell.

Just two days after we saw him, Grandpa passed away.
This is a picture of when they came to visit us in Cheyenne.
I won't forget his kindness and his sense of humor.
He is such a wonderful man and we will miss him so much.