Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recent Trips and News

Ty's favorite book!
He loves Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. He reads it all the time. He really has a knack for letters- he knows them all and alot of the sounds they make too.

This is Karter acting tough. He loved a friend's military boot camp birthday party.

And for the most exciting news............ this is the house we're working on buying!!!
It's awesome and we completely love it!
Kollan got a great job in Oregon and I'm very proud of him and excited for this new phase of our life.

We spent Spring Break at Grandma Bell's house and got to see lots of family and friends!
This is Easter morning at Gma Bell's.

We were so grateful that we had the opportunity to go to a session of conference! I hadn't been before and it was wonderful. We also got to see Kollan's mission president and his wife!

With Kirk, Falycia, Brian, and Kelsie!

So happy!

Our trip to Denver for an Optometry Conference.

We had a nice hotel and the kids loved playing in the room- especially spinning together in this office chair.

The Denver Children's Museum- so much fun!

Karter, Ty and I stayed there all day (9-4) while Kollan was in classes.
This pic is Karter dressed as an ant going down into an ant tunnel.

Duck Karter feeding baby birds a giant worm.

The grocery store/restaurant. So fun.

A real firetruck!

The train room!! Ty was in heaven, but Karter liked it too.

Magnets!! Ty liked the letters and shapes.

Karter enjoyed using words and picures to make a story.

The Theatre- they had a stage and dress ups, as well as a puppet show.