Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas 2012

This Christmas season was so wonderful!!
I really think it might have been my favorite Christmas ever!
It started out with a wonderful surprise. Not only was my handsome 2nd grader in a fun winter concert for school, but....
He also had a solo!! He tried out for it and did terrific! He's a great singer and performer.
This was our first Christmas in our new home.
I was SO excited for this, and couldn't wait for all our family to arrive.
On Christmas Eve, we followed tradition and made our sugar cookies.
By that evening we had Gma Bell, Papa, and Namnam at our house.

Of course the boys were super excited for Christmas morning. I always try to take a picture of them all excited to go down to the tree, but when I went to their rooms I found...
2 Sleepyheads!

Ok, there we go. These are the excited morning faces I was expecting.

I loved the eager Grandparents waiting to see the kiddos come down.
Santa brought Karter Creepy Crawlers!
Santa brought Ty an easel!
It was fun to have Grandparents here for Christmas morning.
Kollan has fishing fever now. He and the boys have picked our spots for when it gets a tiny bit warmer outside.
Ty REALLY wanted Criss Cross Crash for Christmas. Yay!
Mariokart and Super Mario Bros
Ty got a funky monkey.
Christmas Bingo!! The stakes were higher this year as Namnam had cash envelope prizes!
Ping Pong!

For a few days, we were able to see Brian, Kelsie, Bridger, Kirk, Falycia, and Grandma Maxwell!

Ty's expression makes me laugh.
Our little town doesn't have a lot to do. But it does have a fish view room.

Very nice fishy faces

I love this picture!
I was so glad that Grandma Maxwell came to spend a few days with us.
It really just felt like such an amazing Christmas- full of love and family and of course celebrating the birth of our Savior. I had some precious moments with Karter as he is figuring out that Christmas really is about much more than Santa or getting gifts. They boys also created their own Christmas concert that they practiced the week before and even made programs for. They sang, and Karter learned Jingle Bells on the piano. They wanted to do the concert when all the family was at our house.
I also really loved the Christmas program our Choir put on- it was very spiritual and uplifting.
I just feel very grateful to know what I know and to have what I have.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ty turns 4!

It's crazy to believe my baby is 4 already!
The spoiled boy got an early party while we were in Idaho for Thanksgiving.
He wanted a Scooby Doo cake.
Gma Bell gave him a crown for the day.
We went out to Doc's for Pizza,
(If you can't tell, Karter likes pizza)

We were glad to have Gma Bell and Max there.
Such cute boys!
Nam-nam helped Ty blow out his candles.
Ty's actual birthday (at home) started out with waffles.

I love this picure. Karter made Ty a special card, and he's reading it to him.
Gma Bell sent Ty some light up shoes!
Cute brothers!
We love this boy SO MUCH! He is such a sweetie and so funny! We are always laughing at the things he comes up with. He is also SO smart. He's already a terrific writer and can write words if I help him break down the sounds. At Thanksgiving when we all wrote down what we were thankful for, he grabbed a paper and, all by himself, wrote down, "Ty Karter Mom Dad"
We are so grateful to have Ty in our family! Happy Birthday Ty-Ty Buggy!

Thanksgiving 2011

We loved spending our Thanksgiving in Idaho!

Nam-nam showed Karter and Ty how to make some fun turkeys!

Such a cute pic of Bridger and Nam-nam!
Aw! What cute cousins!
Bridger LOVES Rozz and follows her around.

So precious!
Ty helped Aunt Kelsie sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to Bridger
Bridger loved it!
Ty likes to be silly.


I love his bowling dance

Such a fun Thanksgiving and SO MUCH to be thankful for!!
We love our FAMILY!