Thursday, September 06, 2012

Seattle Weekend

 Our hotel with the "secret bed" the boys loved!
 Mariners Vs. Angels!  So fun!
 BIG slices of pizza that the boys gobbled up
 Felix Hernandez!!!
 I loved the excitement on Karter's face when we saw a homerun!
 4th row!
 Such cute happy boys!

 We had to get a picture by the Space Needle
 It was fun to see Papa Brad and to go to lunch and Cabellas
 We were thrilled that some friends from Cheyenne were only 20 minutes away from our hotel!  It had been a couple years and was fun to reunite!
 Such silly boys!
 Such fun friends- we miss them!
 We stayed in a town with an old historic lighthouse.  (The boys had just been watching a Scooby Doo episode with a scary lighthouse keeper, and were glad that this lighthouse was monster free. )

What a fun weekend!