Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Christmas was so much fun.  We went to Idaho to be with family.
Here are Papa and Nam nam with all 4 grandkids!
 It was so fun getting to spend time with cousins!
Bridger is such a cute and silly boy!
Nam nam and sweet Adley!
 The boys were so excited that Santa came through the streets on a firetruck!

 And better yet, he threw candy to the kids!

 Each of the boys got a t-shirt apron to make cookies in.

 Reinactment of the Christmas story.

 Christmas morning.  Can you guess which boy is not feeling so well?
 Other than Karter being sick, things were perfect...
Nothing beats Christmas morning with family!

 Even Grandma Bell came up to Idaho!

 The whole Arritt clan!
 We sure felt blessed and we just loved the whole Christmas season.

Oh, and I had to throw in a couple pictures of Karter's winter concert at school.  He's such a handsome boy!