Friday, September 19, 2008

Learning and Growing

So last Saturday I thought, Ty sure has crawling down- maybe we should lower his crib matress because it probably won't be too long before he can pull himself up to stand. Well that same day, Kollan put the mattress lower and that same day while Ty was playing in his crib with some toys, I hear him laughing and I couldn't believe my eyes. I ran down to grab my camera so that I could capture his first time pulling up to stand- he was just so excited and proud about what he could do. I guess I just wasn't expecting this so soon because Karter was just learning to crawl at 9 months, and now Ty wants to stand all the time and seems determined to walk before long. Anyway, this first picture of him sitting I included because it's just so cute, and this last picture I posted because I think it's a fun picture of the three of us laughing. I also put a picture of Karter and Ty because whenever I get ready for the day, I put Ty in his crib with toys, but it seems that Karter's his favorite entertainment- they are so funny together and Karter can always make Ty laugh. He's a great brother and I want to remember these times when he plays with Ty in the crib.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Stay this age!

I know I'm his mom, but Ty is the cutest little thing ever, and I just don't want him to grow up! I say something along the lines of, "He's just so darn cute!" atleast 10 times each day. I know that it's because he's such a good baby- constantly happy, so we get to see his cute smile and hear his adorable laugh all the time. If we start laughing, than he will too. I tried to capture a bit of his laugh on this video. Ty is almost 9 months and he loves to crawl everywhere and follow everyone. Kollan and I feel very blessed to have such great boys.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Karter starts Preschool!

So, Karter started preschool yesterday (today was day #2) and he loves it! As you can tell from picture #2, he ran inside very quickly and didn't even wait for a goodbye before he was playing with friends and talking to his teachers. I'm glad that he transitions so smoothly. I am a bit sad though that he's growing up so quickly and that this is the start of school forever! But for now it's only 2 1/2 hours, three days a week- and I can admit that that amount of time away is actually a bit nice for both of us.