Monday, April 08, 2013

Spring Break/Easter/Baby Jacy

 Time is already going quickly and this little girl is getting bigger!
 We loved having family come for Spring Break.
We very much appreciated all the cooking and cleaning they did, plus all the attention they gave the boys during the week!
Here is Grandma Bell meeting Jacy for the first time!
 Ty is still a bit concerned about touching tiny little Jacy, but Karter loves to hold her.  He is always asking how she's doing or feeling, and he likes to gently tickle her.
 Nam nam and Jacy
 The boys loved having cousin Bridger to play with.  They put together a train track, which he loved.  They also played a lot on the trampoline. 
 I thought this was so cute.  Bridger took an interest in what Uncle Kollan was holding.

 Karter was long overdue to learn how to ride a bike.  He just hadn't been interested, and was content to ride his razor scooter.  But we were so happy when Papa worked with him and he did it!! 
 (It might have helped that I bribed him with a new lego set too.)
Ty's next!
 Kollan can't get enough of our sweet little girl.  He loves to hold her and gives her so many kisses!
 It was so fun to have family at our house for Easter!

 Papa and Nam nam got some new Easter clothes for the kids. 
They look so handsome!

 Love this picture of my cute boys!
 She is such a sweetie! I just love dressing her up!