Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and were so glad that Kirk and Falycia could come and visit. I finally let Karter play in the snow because I finally got him some snow boots. He loved it and didn't want to come in. Uncle Kirk showed him how to make a snow angel.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Life is good!

We're just so grateful for Karter and also for our new baby who will be coming so soon now. Karter is such a good kid and is so funny. He loves to sing and dance, and especially loves, "I am a Child of God", and sings it all the time. We're looking forward to our next little guy to enter our family in probably 3 or 4 weeks now. As you can see I'm getting quite big!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!! We had a lot of fun- Karter was finally at the age where he really got excited and enjoyed every second of it. He was really excited to dress up as Dash Incredible. We took him to the Ward party where he got a lot of candy and played lots of carnival games. On Halloween day, we went to the med clinic on base (where Kollan works) and took him around trick-or-treating to all the different clinics. He loved it and there were so many kids with such great costumes. Then, we did trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Anyway, Karter ended up with a lot of candy and had such a great time. At the end of the night, I said, "We sure had a fun Halloween. Now we can look forward to Thanksgiving." He asked, "What do we do at Thanksgiving?" That made me think about how much Halloween is geared toward kids, and Thanksgiving just isn't. I told him, "We'll eat a lot of food and think about how blessed we are." He wasn't too impressed. But I'm really excited.