Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Entertainment

Who needs toys or movies for entertainment when you have a brother and some pillows? Ty laughed like crazy every time Karter banged his head down on the pillow. And this lasted awhile, too. Turn up your sound- his laugh his adorable. We love that our boys are such happy and fun boys.

Friday, January 23, 2009


For an FHE lesson, we talked with Karter about work and helping out, and we gave him a chore chart which he thought was really cool (yes, he's young enough that he thinks having responsibility is fun!). He's been doing pretty well at his 3 chores each day and loves to cross them off. What was cute to me, was the other day when I was washing dishes. Karter came in and said, "Wow mom, you're doing such a great job! I didn't know you had chores too! Well, I think those dishes look really great!"
I explained to him that moms and dads do chores all the time, but I was glad he noticed and thanked him for the compliments- he's such a good boy.
By the way, does anyone else get as frustrated as me that the kitchen NEVER stays clean for more than a few minutes!? I just can't believe how often we clean it (and I mean really clean it well) and then it's a mess again so quickly! Please tell me I'm normal!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Karter the Photographer

Well, Karter loves his new camera and wanted to share some of his works of art. He obviously didn't take the picture that he's in, but he did take all of the others. We even gave them titles such as "Back of highchair" and "Ty looks for his farm." What fun!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Papa, Nam nam, and a second Christmas

We were spoiled to have Papa and Nam nam come a few days after Christmas. Not only was it so fun to have them here, but we also were given wonderful gifts- Thank you! Karter loves his camera (I'll have to post some of his pictures later), and Ty loves his little people farm. And they look so adorable in their matching pjs! They also love this gigantic and soft sports pillow that Aunt Kelsie made. We got to go bowling and also celebrate the New Year together. Karter acually made it to midnight and we all enjoyed our party which included Pinochle and other games! I enjoyed watching Karter and Papa play tackle football in the living room. What fun! What a great year and what a great Holiday season. We were definitly blessed. Now it's the New Year and time to start excercising!