Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter! Karter is at such a fun age. Of course he loved coloring eggs and finding candy, but he also seems to be understanding more about the Resurrection. In church while the speaker was talking about the Savior and the Resurrection, I thought Karter was just playing, but when I looked over at him I was so impressed. He had pulled out a laminated picture from his bag- the one of the Resurection, where Jesus is in his white robe amidst the angels with their trumpets- and he was turned around on the bench showing it to all the people sitting behind us. He showed me too, and whispered, "See, the Wessurection!" He was excited to feel like he had such an important job, helping the speaker talk about the Resurrection.

I thought Karter and Ty looked especially cute in their Easter clothes. What a wonderful day!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Our Silly Side

Even though Kollan might not want me to post this picture, I think everyone ought to know his deep dark secret- he can be silly. Most people might think he is so reserved and mature, but he's actually so much funnier.
Lately his big thing is, whenever I ask him to do anything (even little things like, "Can you please get me a drink?"), he responds by snapping to attention, and saluting me with BOTH arms while saying, "YES MASTER!" We call it the double salute, and I can't stand it- it drives me CRAZY- which is, of course, the reason he does it. Well, last night I gave Karter (remember he's just 3 1/2) a snack in a bowl and when he was done he handed me the bowl. I said, "No, YOU ate the snack. Please take the bowl to the kitchen." He came over and got the bowl, looks at me and says, "Yes Master!"
Oh, they think they're so funny!
I love the cute things that little kids say though. This morning Karter was playing "waiter" at his pretend restaurant. I asked him what they had to drink and he told me they had apple juice or "mountain dude". Cute.