Wednesday, January 15, 2014


December was great!  It flew by much too fast.
This year we enjoyed watching 2 kids in the Winter Concert!
 Ty was an adorable Kindergarten reindeer and loved singing the reindeer hokey pokey and also a song about snow.
 I had a hard time getting pictures far away, but Karter was very handsome and did a great job singing in the 4th/5th grade concert.  He's getting so old!
Then, Ty turned 6!!  He is certainly not a little boy anymore. 
Just recently it seems like he has gotten so smart and acts and speaks much more grown up.  Sad!
 He wanted a Despicable 2 cake- and also got a minion shirt and the actual movie.

Christmas was both wonderful and a little sad.
This was the first Christmas Kollan and I spent without someone from our extended families.  Just our little family.  It was nice and relaxing and fun, but we also missed everyone.

 We were lucky to have great friends to share Christmas Eve with!!  The kids came over to decorate cookies, and later we went to their house for a fun night and yummy dinner!!
Christmas morning is always full of excitement!

 Jacy's first Christmas!!

 She is such a sweetie and keeps on growing. 
 She is everywhere and getting into everything.  She is so happy and fun. 
I tried to catch this shot, and even though it's blurry I love it.  Jacy is holding up the baby Jesus and looking at him.  Precious. 
Christmas means so much to me, because of our Savior.  Every year I get sad at how commercialized it is, but I always enjoy the things we do with our kids to instill giving and service. I love spending time together and learning about our Savior and helping them understand there's more to life than stuff.  
 One night, as Ty said the family prayer, he stopped and looked at me so I opened my eyes and he whispered, "presents?"  He wanted to know if it was appropriate to thank Heavenly Father for presents when we had been learning Christmas isn't about presents. I smiled and nodded. 
Afterwards I made sure he understood that we can (and should) thank Heavenly Father for everything!!  And Christmas can (and should) be lots of fun, and it's great to be excited about new toys!  We just have to remember that there's more to life then fun and toys.