Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spring Break!!!

We had a very fun Spring Break. Gpa, Gma and Uncle Kirk came to visit. We did a lot of playing and went to the beach!

Hoogle Zoo

While in Utah, we went to the zoo with Gma and Gpa Bell and Aaron, Katie and Emma. What a fun day! Karter loved the animals (it was a step up from the day before when we went to the Bean Museum and saw the dead animals)!! We all had a great time.

Cousin Emma

Karter loved playing with Emma. They are exactly a month apart and have a great time together. We went to the zoo and to visit Gma Williams. They were adorable together and would give hugs or hold hands. They learned to share Gma Bell, who loves to play and read with them both.

Cannon Beach

We love Cannon Beach! It turned out to be much nicer than we first expected even though it wasn't the sunniest of days. We had a great time relaxing and playing in the sand. Karter wanted to constantly fill his little bucket with water to put in his hole in the sand. It was a never ending task.

PGE Park

When Gma and Gpa Arritt and Aunt Kelsie came up to visit, we had a blast. Karter loved having his aunt and grandparents here and especially took to his "Papa". This night we went to a Portland Beavers baseball game. Very fun.


I can't believe my little baby boy is two!! When did that happen?
He's finally taken off with talking, and learns new words all the time. I'm really impressed with how many letters he knows. He also has an amazing grasp of animals. He can point out some lesser known animals in his books (puffin, tamarin, carabou, macaw, toucan, etc). He's a smart kid and is known for his mellowness. Sure he can have a tantrum or be whiney sometimes, but he really is just a good kid with a sweet and mellow personality.

Karter had a great birthday. We spent the day at Hugpoint beach with friends. Karter loved playing in the sand (so did I!). The day was perfect, and we'll really miss Oregon beaches when we move. It was just a warm and beautiful day. Later, we had a little party and had Elmo (or as Karter says, "Melmo") cake.

Oregon Children's Museum

Karter absolutely loved the children's museum! There were so many different rooms and activities. We could have stayed there for days. We especially loved that rubber pit, the grocery store, the train room, the water room, and the music room. What a great place. Plus, we showed at the right time- free cake and a magic show- celebrating the museum's birthday. Fun, fun day.