Friday, January 15, 2010

We Love our Library!

Here's some pics of the boys playing at the Cheyenne Library. They absolutely love the kids play area (and also storytime and all the great books). This really is an impressive library- it was the given the best national library award in 2008. We will miss it when we go.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Here's our Christmas pics

On Christmas Eve we always make and decorate Christmas cookies. Ty kinda looked mad the whole time- maybe he wondered why we were wasting time making them look cute when we could just be eating them.

Christmas morning- ready to go downstairs!

A car from Santa!

A Batcave from Santa!

A huge remote control truck from Papa and Namnam!

Ty's remote controlled penguin!

We all love our new Wii from Gma Bell! Karter is especially crazy about it and loves MarioKart.

Ty loves trains. He got a few new ones for Christmas and has been taking them everywhere.

We loved having Gma Bell here with us. The boys love to play with her.

The reason for the season. On Christmas Eve we read from the Christmas story and sang songs. Karter participated very well. Ty ran around like a little monkey.

We stayed inside and played all day! So much fun!

Yummy Christmas dinner. Can you spot something on the table that doesn't quite belong?

This is Karter's Christmas program at school. He is in the red shirt on the very left.

The Kindergarten classes singing Must Be Santa. Very cute.

What a great Christmas! We wish we could have seen more family, but we have loved playing and relaxing. We've enjoyed the spirit of love and giving and remembering our Savior's birth. Happy New Year!