Thursday, October 18, 2012


I had a fabulous week in New York getting to spend time with all my in-laws and see 6 week old Adley!

 Isn't she adorable??

 It was so fun to tour the city with these ladies!
 In order to get to our bus tour from Kirk and Falycia's Staten Island apartment, we had to walk to the bus stop, take the bus, take the Staten Island Ferry....
 ...which gave us great view of the Statue of Liberty....
Then we took the Subway to Time square where we could finally get our tickets for the tour.
It's such a different lifestyle and was fun to see, but I'm so glad to live where I do.

 I love how this tiny old building remains, but was surrounded by huge skyscrapers.
 We soon learned that everything would be expensive.  This statue of liberty wanted $5 for a picture!
 The Sphere honoring 911 in Battery Park

 The Eternal Flame
 Time Square- full of "interesting" people in costumes- like the Naked Cowboy and a crazy old, skinny guy in a bikini (when it got too cold, he added some socks).
 Guy Fiori's new restaurant.  Pretty good, but not our favorite.

 Wicked!!!  SO good!

 View of Queens

 Central Park

 The views from the Empire State building were even more impressive then I imagined.

 Papa came to see Adley too, and we were lucky to be there for her baby blessing!
 Our last day, we went into Hoboken NJ to see Carlos Bakery (Cake Boss).
 We had to wait for a while but it was fun to see and we got some yummy stuff.

 Yum.  I picked a strawberry cheesecake and it was nummy!
 It was such a fun and relaxing week.  I loved seeing a new place and spending time with family.  But in the end I was also very happy to get back to all 3 of my boys who I missed!