Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ty's 2!!

Ty is such a joy to our family! We can't believe he is already two! We love when we ask him how old he is, it takes a second for him to figure out his fingers. He looks at them, gets two up, and says, "EW!"
Happy Birthday Buggy!

I tried to get a good picture of him smiling, but he was just busy all night. Busy wanting cake, busy eating cake, busy opening presents, busy playing with toys- you know how it goes when you are holding a camera. Just take my word for it, his smile is the cutest.

Karter gave Ty a shopping cart (they are both enjoying it)

Ty loves letters!

He's very excited about his fridge letter toy.

He loves the gifts from his Grandparents too! Thank you!

Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving


See, cute smile eh?


yummy food!

We loved having Dad, Mom, Kelsie and Brian come!!
We were sad that Kirk, Falycia, and my mom couldn't make it.

Gingerbread house!

Friday, December 04, 2009


So this is very late, but I wanted everyone to know that I'm now married to a 30 year old! Happy Birthday Kollan!

How much more handsome and distinguished he is now that he's 30.
These pics are from our trip to Orlando. It was an AF Optometry conference/Birthday getaway. This is the Lego store which had some amazingly huge things made out of little tiny legos. Wow.

Yeah, none of the couple pictures we took turned out really well.

Aren't airports so much more fun without kids?

We also celebrated before our trip with Kollan's parents. (By the way, thanks Mom for watching our boys so we could even go to Orlando). This was when they went with Kollan and Karter to the BYU- Wyoming Game. Poor Wyoming.

Karter thought it was cool that he got to give "5" to Harvey Unga.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Jedi Knight and a Giraffe

So we were a little worried about Halloween this year.

Cheyenne's been hit by a few bad storms that have set snowfall records for Cheyenne in October.

This last one came on Wednesday last week and pretty much everything was shut down (including schools and the med clinic). We did a lot of hanging out at home.

It was even too awful to play outside (these pictures were taken a few weeks ago.)

But on Friday we at least had an indoor activity to look forward to.

Trick or Treating at the Med Clinic ("Daddy's work")

Karter with his 2 Rockstar buddies

My Laughy Giraffy
And on Halloween, the weather was actually pretty good!
Trick or Treating with friends was so much fun!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The 2 funniest words

So, you are probably wondering what the 2 funniest words are. If you've watched the Monster Mash video on our last post, or ever made your own sendible, you've seen the two guys that come on before the video and yell, "Jib Jab."
I really don't know why that's so funny, but ever since Karter and Ty made me replay that Monster Mash video about 15 times, Ty will ALWAYS laugh when Karter yells out "Jib Jab". I should have taken this home video sooner (at this point he was pretty laughed out). Karter takes advantage of these magical words and has Ty laughing out loud wherever we go. Who knew that 2 little words could be so funny!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ty's TV

I thought this was pretty cute.
Ty would probably watch TV all day long if I let him (which, by the way, I don't). Here he is watching one of his favorites- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I snuck a little closer to see if he would notice me at all.

He noticed me enough for a smile, but not enough for eye contact (maybe on a commercial)

"Oh that Mickey is just so funny"

"Oh, hi Mom. You're in here too?"
Oh, Ty, you're just too cute! What a happy guy- we love him!