Wednesday, October 12, 2005

September 2005

Karter is just as cute as ever! He has a funny personality and is just a happy boy. He loves EVERYONE right now, and will go up to strangers for hugs (and food). I'm amazed at just how much he understands. He knows things like: "Get your shoes." "Want some lunch?" "Brush your hair." "Where's the toothpaste?", and so many more. As far as talking, he doesn't say too much. I think he finds he can get along well enough with the words, "Ma-ma" "Da-da" "Moo" and "Go." He's very fond of "Moo", which is great if someone asks him what a cow says, but doesn't work for much else.


We went out to the coast with some friends before all the warm weather was gone. It was a perfect day! We had a great time and Karter enjoyed the beach more now that he can walk.