Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Fun!! Idaho/Utah too

 Swimming with friends...
 ...swim lessons...

 ...seeing family on vacation!
 We love our annual trip to Island Park!
 We love time with cousins, and celebrating Independence Day!
 It's especially fun to celebrate at a big ol farm where they blow up appliances, have a huge shop for a big pot luck, shoot clay pigeons, let the kids launch homemade rockets, launch candy, and of course have a big fireworks show.  Karter found out how much he loves to light smoke bombs. 

 Time for the show!
 Ty's rocket which went so far, we couldn't find it.

 In Utah, we got to see Aunt Diane and Uncle Alan.  
We fed the fish at City Creek (which apparently is a no no)

 Kollan's new favorite place is Scheels.  What a huge store!

 We saw Monsters University with Papa, Namnam, Brian, Kelsie, and Bridger

 We loved seeing Aaron and Katie's new house and how much cute Ethan had grown!
 Oops.  Out to lunch in Utah, and we sat in the wrong corner.  Sorry, Karter
 Lagoon!  This has become an annual tradition and we look forward to it every summer.
 Jacy had a pretty hard week, but she did great at Lagoon.  
Daddy is her special pal and they have always love being together!
 Aunt Kelsie made Jacy a special quilt to match her room!  We love it!
 Wow these pictures are in random order.   Here we are again at the cabin in Island Park. 
 I love this picture, because Bridger was Ty's shadow for the week, and they love to play together.  I loved hearing Bridger ask where Ty or Karter was over and over and over.
 Papa and Jacy
 Time for smores!

 When in Yellowstone, be on the lookout for bears!  This one sure scared Ty
 "More pictures?  Really Mom?"

 We sure love Great Grandma and Grandpa Arritt!
 And Grandma Maxwell too!!
 We celebrated some family birthdays while in Utah.
 It's always fun to see Katie and Aaron and their cute kiddos

 There is always a lot of sillyness going on.  Aaron and Sheena love to food fight.
 Cute silly kids!
 The kiddos got to use washable paints to paint the fence right after we went to the movies.
  (Can you guess what we watched?)
 More smores!
 Fireworks.  This night had a few surprises including a huge new firework that did more than we anticipated and an angry neighbor.  But still lots of fun.

 Oh we love our Jacy girl!!  She has really been reaching for stuff to put in her mouth.
 Aunt Cheree!  We met up at Kangaroo Zoo which the kiddos love love love.

 We love being at Grandma Bell's.  She is a fun Grandma, even if she is a Ute fan.

 Friends!  We love meeting up with our college friends and wish we could see them more often!

 Well, okay.  Here are more lagoon pictures.

 Aw I sure love and miss my siblings!!

 What a small small world!  We ran into the Strongs (friends from Oregon who have moved to Colorado).  Karter and Austin were best buds.

 My Mom!

 Karter turns 9!!

 The friend party!
 Mini Marshmallow guns made out of PVC pipe. Fun!!

 I can't believe how much older he seems to be lately.  
He's definitely growing up.