Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fun Visitors!

We loved having Nam nam, Aunt Kelsie, Bridger and Emery come for a visit!! 
We all had a blast.
 We watched Ty play tee ball and Karter run at a track meet.

 We enjoyed the warm weather at a park

 Jacy tried the trampoline for her first time!

 The boys played lots with Bridger

 We went to a fun carnival!
 We played at the Inflatable Fun Gym...
 and Aunt Kelsie had a vicious ball war with all the boys!

 Nam nam enjoyed spending time with 5 of her grandkids

 Karter had some visitors for school lunch

She Walks! & Easter

 Easter was wonderful!
I'm so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ,
His Gospel,
 and my wonderful family!

Spring Break 2014

 The Skate Center that I went to as a child has been completely redone and enlarged.  
So fun!

 We loved spending time with Grandma Bell!!

 We enjoyed the new Living Planet Aquarium.

 Utah is so full of fun people and places- we never have enough time for everything!!  

 Our stop in Idaho for time with more family!

Jacy Is One!!

 For Jacy's birthday we went to get her first frozen yogurt.
 She loved it.
 So did her brothers

 She is such a fun and happy girl!  We love her to pieces!

 We got to continue her birthday party at Papa and Nam nam's since we were traveling for Spring Break.

 She dug right into her cake 
(her brothers had been really unsure about the whole cake thing when they each turned one).
We can't believe how fast that year went!
We love having this sweet girl in our family!

February 2014

 Beautiful 11 month old!  Still so happy!
 Snow!!  We were used to having lots in Cheyenne.  Now we get excited with just a little bit!
Karter and his team did so well in the Oregon Battle of the Books!!  They were called the Reading Champs and they won for their school and went on to the Regional Division in LaGrande where they also did very well and were seeded 3rd.  So exciting!