Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's what FUN is!!

I'm so behind on posting this summer, and it's only because we did so much and I have so many pictures, that I've been a bit overwhelmed. But.... I love having these postings to look back on, and so I figured I'd better catch up. So I will atempt it...

While in Utah, the boys and I got to go to Lagoon with Mom, Cheree, Myree, Aaron, Katie, Emma and Chloe. It was SO fun! We stayed for 9 hours.
The boys loved Rattlesnake Rapids, and I loved that Ty leaned forward holding onto that bar the entire ride, and just laughed and laughed at everyone getting wet. So fun!
I also loved that Aaron and I stood in line for everyone else while they went on the log ride. Our line went much faster then theirs, so we ended up going on the ride with 4 adults we didn't know. The lady next to Aaron kinda freaked out about getting wet (???) and basically squished up to him, pretty much on his lap. Very funny.

Karter and Emma are the cutest!

I just love my mom and how much fun she is!

Ty LOVED the fast spinning "Jumping Dragon"

Karter and Myree loved getting soaked together!

Way too cute!

Karter turned 7!!

Back on July 15th, while we were on vacation, Karter turned 7 years old!
We were lucky to be able to spend a birthday with family and friends in Utah and Karter got a bit spoiled. He had a very fun party at Chuck-E-Cheese.

He LOVED the ticket blaster!!
It hadn't even started yet and he was jumping around excited!
We were glad Abbie could come- the boys love to play with her!
We love Cousin Myree!

These boys are growing way too fast. They are super cute!

I loved that two of my bestest friends could come and bring their kiddos.
This is Isaac and Brigham and my boys love to play with them.
Emma and Chloe (cousins) are so much fun!
In addition, Karter was given a second party for the members of the family that couldn't see him on his actual birthday!! It was so much fun!
Karter you are SO special and SO loved!!