Friday, April 22, 2011

THE best trip!

Oh wow, did I just have the best trip ever!
I'll tell you all about it.
I went with Kollan to Houston (he had a businessy-convention). My Mom came up to Oregon to watch the boys. Can you see now why this was the best trip? I had NOTHING to do and I loved every second! I slept in, ate free food,
and I finally had some time to read (in the warm sunshine too)!
It was so great!
Not to mention the quality time with my man!
We walked a few blocks to the Astro's game and even got free hats and shirts!
As much as I missed my kids not being there, I enjoyed the time with just the two of us.
Don't I look like I'm having a ball! ;)

The highlight of the trip was the closing party. Some big time rep rented out the House of Blues and got Lynyrd Skynyrd and Dennis Quaid and the Sharks to play for us.
Also there were people walking around giving us food! Plus lots of buffets and a bowling alley.
Kollan and I thought we'd check out the concert and we got a spot right next to the stage!
I loved Dennis Quaid! It was so much fun.
Kollan said he enjoyed watching all the women "ages 20 to 80" go crazy. Ha ha!
Dennis Quaid is a great musician, he sings, plays guitar...
and piano too. We thought his band was great!
This is how close we were. I was excited that he actually touched both of my hands.

We stayed for a little bit of Lynyrd Skynryd,
but then got hungry and needed a break from the loudness

We went bowling
And lounged around eating food and enjoying the awesome night out.
Little did we know- when we walked back to our hotel, we would run into Dennis Quaid by the elevators! He was nice enough to stand for a picture!! Yay for Dennis Quaid!

All in all, it was just such a fun and relaxing few days. Thanks to all those who made this possible: Kollan, his boss, and my mom!