Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recent Trips

Kollan had a conference one weekend, so we all took a trip over to Bend, OR.
What a beautiful and fun place!

The boys and I hung out at the family fun center and it really was so fun.
These were the best bumper cars I've ever been on.

Ty was old enough to drive his own, and that's a good thing since lately he's always telling me how he's "a big strong boy" and "not little" and "not a baby"

On our very last token, Ty played one of those games that I think is such a waste because you don't get to do much except hope you win a bunch of tickets. Well, wow- he got a bunch of tickets! They just kept coming out and we didn't even know why.

For Memorial Day weekend, we traveled to Idaho and even decided to take Rozz.
She loved coming with us.
We had so much fun with family and ate a lot of great food.
Here is Karter and Gma Maxwell playing a game of hangman.

I think we were all most excited to see this little guy!
This is Bridger and he's such a handsome little man.
The boys are so happy to have a new cousin!
Nap time
Aren't the 3 boys SO cute together?
I just love trips and I love that SUMMER IS HERE so we can even have more trips!