Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Genesis according to a 4 yr old

Yesterday I was doing my own thing when I overheard Karter "reading" from the scriptures. Luckily, I was conviently near a pen and paper, so I listened to him and wrote down what he said because it made me laugh.
"Chapter 11. God is a great guy. He watch-ed over us, and everybody we know and even strangers- everybody! So, God was a Dad and he got really a lot of babies. God is in heaven now and I want him to come down. So, they sent everybody in the world, and everybody sings, and everybody had a great time in their house. The End."

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hooray for Ty!

Our little determined adventurer took his first steps on Monday! Since then, all he wants to do is walk. He loves to pull himself up to standing and then make his way over to one of us- right before he gets to us, he'll squeal and laugh as he falls forward into our arms. It's so cute! He just turned 11 months and I can't believe how fast he's learning and growing. Before we know it, he'll be a year!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Karter really enjoyed his soccer class that he took on base. He worked on the basics- stopping the ball, passing, shooting, and dribbling and he did really well. They scrimmiged the last few weeks and he had a lot of fun. I'm excited to get him on a team. He's been enjoying sports a lot more (just like his Daddy) and he loves to cheer for BYU. It made me laugh when we were driving one day and he saw the word "buy" on a sign. He said, "Mom, they mixed up those letters- it's supposed to be B-Y-U." That's right Karter. Go Cougars!