Thursday, June 12, 2014

May Flew By!

 Mother's Day!!  I am so blessed to be a mother to these three!!

 Karter earns his Bear!!  Woo hoo

 Jacy is as cute as ever- excited for summer!

 Ty Graduates Kindergarten.  I can't believe that.  
He is a smarty pants and loved Kindergarten a lot.  
I'm so proud of his math and reading and spelling skills!

I'm so proud of Karter too.  
He is a smart kid and always makes honors.  
He took initiative to apply to be in 5th grade leadership for next year, and he was selected.  
He was so excited!!
We will do lots of swimming this summer!
Father/Son Campout!!

 Ty's Tee ball!!
So fun

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Tom Bruggeman said...

could you please not smile that absurdly much , i mean come on they have to cry at some point !

Note: its a joke be as happy as you want,